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Malaysian Bundle Deals

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Malaysian Remy Hair is some of the most desirable and luxurious hair you can find anywhere.  We offer only the highest quality premium Malaysian hair, which is why we back it with our 30 Day Quality Guarantee. Bundle Deals make it super easy to buy the exact amount of hair you need to get the desired look you want. 


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Get all the premium quality hair you need in one simple bundle for one low price.  Our bundle deals give you a variety of the lengths and textures you need to achieve the exact style you want. Whether you are looking for more fullness, Get multiple packs of premium quality 100% Remy hair extensions at one low price.  With our bundles deals, you get the exact amount of hair you need in the right mixtures of lengths, textures and prices to give you the look you crave.  Whether you want more fullness, or to increase your length, or to achieve that beautiful layered look, our bundle deals will give you exactly what you need.

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Mar 05, 2017

I LOVE THIS HAIR! It is soft, easy to mangage, doesn't shed, and curls the more you wet it. This will now be my signature look!!!

Monica, Tamuning , Guam, GU

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Nov 17, 2016

This hair is the best, I love it
I'll recommend this hair to everyone it's the best.

Peachess, Pennsylvania , PA, US

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